Environmental Commission

Environmental Commission

The Commission studies and makes recommendations to the Mayor and Council on Open Space preservation, natural resource management and historic preservation. The Commission also makes planting recommendations when a subdivision occurs in town.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month - 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers at Borough Hall

The 2024 Environmental Commission:
 Chairman - Fred Rubel
Vice-Chairman - Scott Raymond
Secretary - Rick Savino
Owen Peacock
Meredith Kates
Charles DeFiglio - Alt #1
Richard Savino
Open Seat
Steve Goodman - Alt #2
                                                                                                                               Abby Lundy - Council Liaison


Please contact us at hec@hillsdalenj.org and visit our website at www.hillsdaleec.org for current events and happenings around town.

 Environmental Resource Inventory of the Borough of Hillsdale, New Jersey (ERI) prepared by the Hillsdale Environmental Commission (EC) —

Part I and Part II

Authored by EC member Fred N. Rubel, M.S., QEP, on behalf of the EC, this 231-page report is a comprehensive account of the Borough of Hillsdale. The ERI contains tables, maps and other visual information about the natural resource characteristics and environmentally significant features of the Borough. It is meant to provide baseline documentation for measuring and evaluating resource protection issues. It is an objective index and description of features and their functions, rather than an interpretation or recommendation. Identifying significant environmental resources is the first step in their protection and preservation and in assuring that future development or redevelopment protects public health, safety and welfare.

To view the reports and other information provided by the Environmental Commission, please click here