Tax Sale - Council Chambers

As of August 31, 2022


Borough of Hillsdale

Notice of Sale of Real Property for Non-Payment of Taxes


Public notice is hereby given that I, Kelly Lombardi, Collector of Taxes for the Borough of Hillsdale, in the County of Bergen, State of New Jersey, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:5 et seq. will on

Wednesday, October 5, 2022     10 A.M.

In Council Chambers at Borough Hall – 380 Hillsdale Avenue, Hillsdale, NJ, expose for sale and sell a lien on the tract and parcels of land hereinafter specified to make the amount chargeable against said real property as computed in said list, together with interest and costs to the date of the sale.

The said lands will be struck off and sold to such persons as will purchase the same subject to redemption at the lowest rate of interest, but in no case in excess of 18% per annum.  The payment for the sale shall be made before the conclusion of the sale or parcels will be resold.  This sale is made pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 75, PL 1991 and the acts amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto.  Any said tracts of land may be redeemed before the sale by payment of the amount due thereon to the date of such redemption including the cost to such date.

Industrial properties may be subject to the Spill Compensation and Control Act (N.J.S.A. 58:10-2.11 et seq.) the Water Pollution Control Act (N.J.S.A. 58:10A-1 et seq.) and the Industrial Site Recovery Act (N.J.S.A. 13:1K-6 et seq.)  In addition, the municipality is precluded from issuing a tax sale certificate to any prospective purchaser who is or may be in any way connected to the prior owner of the sale.


The following is a description of the lands and owner’s names as contained in the list on file in my office, together with the total amount of taxes, costs and interest due thereon as computed to October 5, 2022.  The names are shown as the appear in the last Tax Duplicate however it does not necessarily mean that these parties are the present owners of the properties.

After the first publication of this list, the Collector is authorized to remove names from the list of property offered for sale only upon receipt of Certified Check or Bank Check.  In addition, all prospective bidders at the time of sale must pay by Certified Check or Bank Check at the discretion of the tax collector.



Block           Lot                Owner’s Name                                  Address                                     Amount              Type

203            12                 Bernstein, Ira & Lynne                        39 Sierra Ct                             $   3,378.55                T

503              4                 Oceanside Developers LLC             830 Hillsdale Ave                       $   3,559.86                T

503              4.01            Oceanside Developers LLC             820 Hillsdale Ave                        $   7,082.44               T

503              4.02            Oceanside Developers LLC             810 Hillsdale Ave                        $   7,954.97               T

805             12                 Norcore LLC                                    139 Windham Rd                        $      474.13              T

905             13                 Lang, John W & Kathy A                    22 Forest Dr                             $ 15,165.54              T

1107            12                Germosen, Aldo & Skarlet                  38 Riverside Dr                        $      751.30              T

1118              4                Schroeder Jr, Frederick & Valerie     109 Yesler Way                          $ 16,276.27              T   

1805            11                Squiccimarri, Jack                              31 Homestead Street               $   4,049.95              T