Permits, Licenses & Forms

This is a central listing of the most common forms that our residents need.  Please go to the department section below and you will be able to download or print out the form.

Click on the form that you want to view
Borough Clerk Forms  
  Block Party Request Form
  Filming Permit Application
  Garage Sale Application
  Landlord/Tenant Registration
  Obstruction Permit Application (Pods/Dumpsters)
  OPRA Request Form
  Street Opening Permit Application
  Limousine Permit Application
  Volunteer Form
  Voter Registration Form
  Vote by Mail Application

PET LICENSE RENEWAL - Online Renewal Here

  MAIL IN Application for a Dog License
  MAIL IN Application for a Cat License 
  Rabies Exemption Form
Board of Health  
  Application for a Marriage License
  Application for a Certified Copy of a Vital Record

Temporary Food License Permit Application

*Both applications must be filled out and sent to the Hillsdale Board of Health, not NWBRHC

Borough Application

NWBRHC Application

  Full Year Food License Permit Application
  Fire Safety Permit for Food Trucks/Outdoor Cooking
Building Department Forms  
  Chimney Verification
  Demolition Permit - Checklist
  Soil Movement Application
  Link to NJ State Construction Permit Forms
   Temporary Storage Container
Continuous Certificate of Inspection (CCI) CCI Application & Instructions
Zoning Information

New Business Application

  Zoning Permit Application
  Planning Board Application
  Outdoor Cafe Application
   New Residential Professional Office Application
Recreation Department Forms  
  Beechwood Park Request Form - Application
Tax Assessor/Tax Collector  
  Property Tax Deduction Form
  Form for Tax Exemption for Veteran's and Surviving Spouse/Partner
  Form for Initial Filing for Tax Exemption Organizations
 Fire Prevention Bureau  
  Application for Fire Safety Permit
  Annual or New Business Registration