Welcome to the Hillsdale Economic Growth and Business Development Committee “Economic Development” information tab.  This tab is intended to provide the public with information and updates on our pursuit of Economic Development in Hillsdale.

Economic development is a process of strategically planned activities and programs that work to improve the economic well being and quality of life of a community by building the local tax base, building local wealth, diversifying the economy, and creating and retaining jobs.

Economic development is vital to enhancing our community today and for future generations. It is incumbent upon our leaders to ensure that the Borough of Hillsdale remains an attractive place that can stimulate new economic opportunities, regardless of the economic cycle. Economic planning and programing are necessary to succeed at sustaining prosperity. 


The committee’s focus is:


  1. Land Development
  • Redevelopment of the industrial zone on Patterson Street
  • Revitalization of the Hillsdale downtown


  1. Supporting/Retaining our businesses
  • Establishing a Chamber of Commerce to create more communication, teamwork, and business coordination.


  1. Redefining the value of Borough assets
  • Requiring investment in Borough assets like Stonybrook Swim Club, The Hillsdale Public Library, Hillsdale parks and athletic fields and The Hillsdale Railroad Station as a requirement when negotiating with key stakeholders redefines their value and ensures their sustainability for future generations.


  1. Attracting new private investors
  • Allowing modern and diverse uses through redevelopment, revitalization and rezoning of underutilized and forgotten places like the Waste Management Waste Transfer property attracts new investment, expands the tax base, and increases revenue.


  1. Enhancing the Quality of Life
  • Working to create new places that attract new investment increases community wealth will sustain and can increase services like police and waste removal
  • Creating a robust focused vision plan that clearly identifies key community deliverables like a community center, restored recreational facilities or a senior hall and strategically securing them through more creative agreements with new private investors, looking to new funding sources that require non-traditional obligations like sustainability.
  • Establishing partnerships that nurture relationship and programs that make it simpler for businesses and entrepreneurs to navigate community resources, and gain support for their operations to support employers and entrepreneurs who will bring new equity into the Hillsdale economy.